Generation of the Half Light Apparel (GHL) is not just fresh clothes for revolutionaries, it is a suit of armor. GHL is a movement to bring consciousness to an unconscious world, wrought by turbulent times. In a world filled with "ism's," the messages within GHL designs attempt to shift the perspective of the wearer. 

Generation of the Half-Light Apparel (GHL) was started by Eddy Lee in Los Angeles. GHL has been a labor of love of his for years and with his Growth line he was ready to share it with the rest of the world. One focus is to bring mad "respect and love" to his extended family that he has not yet met. GHL Apparel crosses ethnic, culture, and socio-economic lines to prove that there can be unity through art. The mission of GHL is to uplift its wearers through the positive meanings behind its images bringing them one step closer to their true self. GHL Apparel customers have testified that a GHL t-shirt has become their favorite tee.

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