Beat the Heat with a GHL tee

Hello famz,

There is nothing more soothing than a breathable GHL Tee for this crazy summer weather. I know at least on the west coast its been insanely warm. Wearing my GHL tee definitely helped out in making it more tolerable while looking fresh! I am in the midst of doing a collaboration with another up and coming tee company. I am actually really excited in launching this and releasing the project to complete the Growth line. Definitely stay tuned! Please stay cool and positive.

Much Love,


Written by Eddy Lee — August 17, 2012

GHL Apparel face lift and Resilience!!

GHL Famz, This is officially the first blog post for the redesigned website. I am so excited to have to have a new vehicle to connect to future family members to GHL. After a bit of time getting the website and creating the Resilience series we are good to go. This is definitely a labor of love and an opportunity to work with amazing and talented people. Please also provide your experiences and feedback too as it will all be respected. Pass on the website to your famz (; without the www) and check out our Resilience designs! I thank you for your continuing support and love! Peace, Eddy

Written by Shopify — March 04, 2012

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